We specialize in organizing On-Site HealthFairs at your office. HealthFairs are a great way for your employees to interact with local health care professionals who will be able to share information on a variety of wellness topics. These events result in increased health and productivity among employees and decreased healthcare costs. Our HealthFairs boost employee morale and keep absenteeism down.

Why Metro HealthFairs

15 Years of experience in bringing Wellness to Corporate Companies
On-Site HealthFairs, Employee Appreciation Events, Nutrition, and Culinary Workshops

  • Benefits of Creating a Healthy Work Force!
  • Less Absenteeism, More Productivity
  • Lower Health Insurance Claims
  • Happy Healthy Culture Within Your Company/better Retention
  • Access to Local Healthcare Professional
  • Inspire Your Employees to Reach Their Health Goals
  • Valuable Health Information Without Missing Work
  • De-Stress with a 5-min. Massage
  • Learn about Healthy Snacks
  • Recipes, Mindful Health Tips, Posture Evaluations
  • Understand your Blood Pressure Numbers
  • Goodie Bags with Educational Information and Healthy Snacks
  • Exciting Hands-on Wellness Activities
  • No Excuses, Just Healthy Employees!

Back, Neck & Posture Evaluations

Internal Medicine/Cardiologist


Physical Medicine

Nutritional Counseling
& Culinary Instructors