Services Nutritional Presentations & Healthy Eating Workshops

Nutritional presentations and healthy eating workshops will incorporate culinary and nutrition education, focusing on the mind and body connection. All nutritional presentations can incorporate a cooking demonstration.

How to Build a Healthy Smoothie

Learn delicious and easy to make smoothies to get you through your day when you don’t have time to sit down for a meal.

Trending Diets

Pros and cons, Are they sustainable? Can trendy diets work?

Plant-Based Eating

Is this right for you? Plant-based meat and protein options

Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities/Intolerances

What is the difference?

Eating for Weight Loss

Even healthy foods can be "fattening".

It's All About the Fiber

Benefits, staying full & getting gut-healthy.

Eating for Energy

Benefits of healthy carbs, proteins, fats and how each can enhance workouts, recovery, and building body mass.

Why Do You Crave Sugars?

Understanding your cravings. How to take control and get through the sugar blues. Psychological reasons for overeating & changing our comfort foods

Weekday Meal-Prep

Culinary instructor with inspiring easy to prepare healthy meals.

Intermittent Fasting

Benefits of intermittent fasting.

The New Flour

Gluten-Free options- Cauliflower, coconut, almond, yuca, and tigernut Etc.

The New "Fountain of Youth"

"Drinking Collagen" Benefits: Healthier hair, nails, skin, elasticity & joint pain.

Shopping your Pantry

With food and money saving strategies.

Learning How to Read Ingredients

How to read labels, avoiding unhealthy ingredients. What to look for.

Processed Food and Sugar Blues

Awareness is key to making small changes in our lives.

Understanding Protein

Protein comes in so many forms and you can get plenty of protein from your vegetables too! Learn about why it’s important to consume the right amount of protein for your body.

Foods that Heal

Heal thyself from the gut first.

Herbs vs. Spices

Learning how to incorporate herbs and spices and the health benefits of each.

Conventional vs Organic vs Local

How to know what to buy when grocery shopping.

Fat and its Relationship to Our Health

The good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to fats and our body.

Healthy Snacks and Homemade Trail Mix

Forget spending tons of money on pre-made snacks, loaded with sodium and preservatives. Learn how to create your own homemade, healthy and delicious snacks that you can make at home and take with you on the go.

Alternative Salads

Anything but typical, learn how to use new ingredients to give a new boost to your everyday salad. Rethink what it means to eat your greens!

The New Sandwich

Inspiring new ways to view what it means to have a sandwich for lunch. Learn new alternatives to bread that still satisfy you. Example: lettuce wraps.

Pizza Without the Dough

Craving pizza but don’t want to eat all that dough? Let’s talk about alternatives! Healthy alternatives that still quench your cravings. Veggie Pita Pizza, Pizza Quesadilla, Portobello Mushroom Pizza, Cauliflower Pizza & English Muffin Pizza. (Will need heat for this demo, toaster oven or fry pan).

How to Survive the Holidays

How to stay healthy during the holidays without gaining weight. Making healthy seasonal choices.

Hostess with the Mostess

Have you wanted to host a gathering but unsure of what to serve? Learn healthy budget-friendly dishes you can serve at any event and occasion?